Increase revenue with Party Yards Promotional Drinkware

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost over – however, we have nearly 60 days left to make a difference on the year end revenues.  Let Party Yards help you develop a program that will allow customers to take home a logoed product and increase beverage sales at the same time.  Let me show you how:

I’m going to throw a bunch of numbers and stats at you.. get ready!

Let’s use a 20-oz fishbowl as an example.  You can find them here:

These are as low as 1.31 each.

Let’s assume that you serve your signature cocktail in a 16-oz plastic red solo cup.  Let’s also assume that you charge $7 for this drink.  So, .438 cents an ounce right?   What if you gave them an extra 4 ounces and served it in a plastic glass that they can take home and charged $12?  Are you still with me?

The extra amount that the customer pays is as follows:


.438 cents x 4 ounces = extra $1.75

The actual cost of the fishbowl = $1.31

Total – $3.06


But you are charging an extra $5 for the drink!

Further, allow the customer to refill this for .438 cents an ounce and charge them $9 for the refill. Or, give them a break and charge $5 to increase sales.

Now, from a marketing perspective, Half of U.S. consumers who own personalized cups with a logo use it 2-3 times a week or more.  Your name is in front of their faces (literally) at least 3 times/week.

Further, depending on region (with the Pacific and the West being the highest,) up to 54% of the consumers in the West and Pacific regions report they are more likely to do business with the advertiser on their drinkware.  This means repeat business from this program as well.

Hope you could follow all of that.  We love to help our customers utilize different tools to increase profits as well as increase the “cool factor” with their customers.  If you ever want to chat, give us an e-mail or phone call.


Thanks for reading –

Until next time, cheers from the folks at Party Yards!